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Get daily trip reports for your Matatu or truck through email/SMS


GPS, fuel and engine hours tracking your vehicles and excavators


Vehicle GPS tracking for taxi, car hire and personal assets


Track your company's motor cycles or your Bodabodas in real time


Keep up to date with your trucks location, fuel level and fuel usage

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Vehicle Gps Tracking
Ifuate provides real time GPS tracking for your vehicle with unlimited playback, movement alarms, geo-fences and remote engine disable all without the need to use costly SMS. For as little as KES 150 per month you get all these features once your vehicle has been set up with Ifuate GPS Tracking device.

Fuel Tracking

Vehcile Fuel Management
With the Ifuate fuel management package, you will be able to tell the current fuel level of your vehicle e.t.c from your computer or your mobile phone, get to know when your vehicle is re-fueled and how much fuel has been added as well as get to know when your vehicle's fuel has been siphoned. You have the options to receive notifications for all this events either through email SMS or as push notification on our mobile app.

Engine Hours Tracking

Excavator/Generator Service Hours Tracking
With Ifuate earth movers package, you can properly manage your earth movers like excavators and rollers. Ifuate will provide you with information such as when your excavators engine was started, when it was switched off and how many hours it has been running within any given duration. Also you can get to know if your assets engine is running at any time and other aspects.

Mobile Tracking

Vehicle Mobile Tracking
Through the Ifuate Mobile app and Ifuate mobile application, you get the ability to track your vehicle GPS location from any GPRS enabled device and perform actions such as stopping your vehicles engine in case of theft as well as tell the current speed and fuel level of your vehicle and locate your vehicle on a map all without using a single SMS(optionally). For non GPRS enabled devices, Ifuate provides SMS based tracking.


Ifuate provides you reports and statistics for your fleet which help you or your organization in making critical business decisions like the feasibility of a new transportation deal or the correct amount to charge for a certain activity. Ifuate also offers reports which can prove informative in improving your business logistics in order to maximize profits. The reports are suitable for individual vehicles or for fleets of vehicles as well as car fleets or taxi fleets

SMS Notifications

Vehicle SMS Notifications
With Ifuate SMS notifications, you get notifications on such things as geo-fence alarms, over speed alarms, low fuel alarms as well as daily summary reports on aspects such as the starting fuel, the amount of fuel consumed as well as the closing fuel levels for your vehicle as well as the service hours for your assets all automated from the Ifuate online GPS tracking platform.
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