Vehicle Tracking In Kenya

Vehicle GPS/Satellite tracking is our main line of business at Ifuate and we make it our principal responsibility to ensure that you get the best out of our vehicle tracking solution. Ifuate provides you with easy to access vehicle tracking solutions anywhere in Kenya. With our tracking solutions you will be able to monitor and track your assets in real time from anywhere in the world. Our customer support is available to help you 24 hours a day seven days a week (24/7).

Vehicle GPS Tracking in Kenya

Vehicle Tracking

We have different vehicle tracking packages that suits different purposes and all of them come at a very affordable cost with high reliability and availability. We have a feature rich vehicle tracking platform which is accessible from the web and from our android app as well as mobile web. Our mobile web site works with all phones that have access to the web and provides you with control and access to your assets for all types of GPRS/3G enabled phones.

Normal Vehicle GPS Tracking Package

Kenya Geofence
Our normal vehicle tracking package is very suitable for vehicles that normally operate within a country. This provides you real time tracking for your assets anywhere in Kenya as well as SMS and/or per request tracking when your asset leaves Kenya. If your assets leaves Kenya and you still want real time tracking, you will be required to pay extra for the higher data costs out side borders. With this package you will be notified when your asset is about to leave Kenya no matter the route taken by the vehicle in trying to exit the country. Our system's ability to handle complex geo-fences effectively ensures that this always happens.


Our system generates notifications for events that you set up on our tracking platform. Our system notifications can take any of this forms

SMS Notifications

This option sends you SMS notifications when events such as geofence exits happens, e.g. when your vehicle is almost leaving Kenyan border or or when your vehicle is moved and the movement alarm is activated

App Notifications

Our Android App generates notifications that can take any of the following forms. All notification generated by our android app are free of charge.

Single Beep Notifications

These are notifications that only sound a tone of your choice only once and vibrate your phone briefly. This type of notifications are good for non emergency notifications which might not require urgent attention such as fueling notifications and/or ignition alarms

Continuous Sound/Vibration Alarms

These type of notifications sound a continuous alarm and vibrate your phone until you respond to them. Your phone will sound the alarm and vibrate even if the screen is locked and the phone is in silent mode. This is to ensure that you do not miss such alarms even when your phone is in silent mode. Only set this type of alarms when you don't want to miss an alarm since it might imply a very possible theft. The good thing is our platform allows you to specify the time of day when an alarm can be raised. That way you can set that this alarm should only be raised during the night when movement alarm is activated.

Cross Border GPS and Fuel Tracking Package

This package is most suitable for vehicles that moves across borders such as trailers and other long distance transport trucks. With this package, you will be able to track your vehicles and their fuel levels as well as siphoning and fueling even when they move across borders at a very minimal cost. This works by having the tracking unit store all the data that it collects while its outside the home mobile network. When the vehicle comes back to the country, all the data that the tracking unit had stored is submitted to our tracking platform and processed and all events that happened when the asset was outside Kenya are realized by the tracking platform. This package works even for areas that do not have network coverage. So if your assets operate within Kenya but usually move to areas where there is no mobile netwrok, this solution provides you with all the relevant information for when the vehicle was out of reach of any mobile network.

Our tracking units are custom built to enable them to store data for up to 1 month while your vehicle is outside Kenya. This is always more than enough since most vehicles are out of the country for at most two weeks.

Cross Border GPS and Fuel Tracking

Fuel Tracking Package Package

Ifuate fuel tracking is well known for its accuracy and reliability. Our fuel tracking solution makes use of high sensitivity hardware coupled with intelligent data processing to provide you with a very accurate and reliable fuel tracking and fuel management. We always fuel tracking for long distance trucks and save out customers thousands of KES what they would otherwise lose to non trustworthy drivers and fuel station attendants. With our cross border tracking solution coupled with our custom made fuel tracking hardware, you will have a full visibility into all fuel related events and consumption for your vehicle. Our fuel activity report makes accounting for fuel easy and reliable. Our tracking platform will notify you about fueling and siphoning with an accuracy of at least 99% for tank sizes and shapes.

Most of our customers are impressed with our fuel tracking solution and they say the return on investment is very brief when they perform comparisons of fuel consumptions prior to and after installation of our system since most previous consumptions involve lots of fuel siphoning and collaboration between drivers and fuel station attendants to fuel less than the amount of fuel paid for.

Fuel Tracking Trend Chart

Below is a video showing how our fuel tracking sstem works

Motor Cycle (Boda Boda) and Tuk Tuk (Taxi) GPS Tracking

Our motorcycle tracking package allows you to track your motorcycle as well as works to prevent motorcycle theft and motorcycle theft through hijacking. Our motorcycle tracking solution provides you with real time tracking for your motorcycle as well provides you with the ability to activate movement alarm. In support of the harambee our crowd sourced anti theft solution works to bring boda boda operators together to prevent motorcycle theft through hijacking. For more information on how this works click here.

Our motorcycle tracking package comes at a very reduced price and discount in a goal to promote motorcycle security in Kenya. Contact Us today for more information.

Matatu GPS Tracking

Our Matatu tracking solution provides Matatus owners and Saccos with all the information they need to track and manage their assets. With our advanced asset grouping and permissions system, its possible for the owner of the matatu to track their own personal assets while allowing the Saccos command center to view and control the assets from a central location or command center.

Driver Management

Our platform provides driver management features as well driving reports generation which help in improving driver behaviour with regard to over speeding, delays and route violations. Our platform also supports management of drivers and the allocation of drivers to assets and driver verification through our app which ensures that the Sacco can keep track of which driver is currently driving a vehicle and how long they have been driving it.

Route Restriction

Our tracking platform provides routes restriction to ensure that drivers follow the correct route. This helps a lot in customer satisfaction and helps improve accountability.

Trips Reporting

Our trips reports informs about how many trips an asset has made for a given route as well as how many trips have been made for a group of assets in a specified duration such as on a given day or even for a given month.

Generator GPS and Fuel Tracking Package

We provide efficient and very reliable fuel tracking for generators. We also provide engine hours reports that lets you know how many hours your generator has been in operation for a given day or duration

Underground Fuel Tanks Tracking

Our underground tanks fuel tracking allows you to track fuel sales and refills at fuel stations to help in accounting for fuel sales figures and fuel level figures provided by our system.

Excavator and Cranes GPS and Service Hours Tracking

Our excavator and crane tracking solution provides you with location tracking for your excavator and or cranes. On top of this it provides you with service hours reports which generates reports about the time that the asset has spent working.

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